Ask the Author

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Frequently asked questions about Shepherd Starseeker:

Q: This novel would make an excellent movie. Are there any plans to convert this to a screenplay? A: Yes. Currently a screenplay is being written for this novel. We look forward to seeing this story on the big screen one day, or as a made for TV mini-series.

Q: Are you planning to write a sequel to this novel? A: Anything is possible. I think these characters are strong enough to continue on a future adventure together. We’ll just have to see where the road leads.

Q: Are you publishing any other books? A: I have several other stories in mind that I plan to finish; to include a science fiction, and a comedy. I’m excited to develop plots and characters in a number of genres.

Q: Was Shepherd Starseeker based on true events? The characters and situations seem so detailed. A: Yes and No. A few of the events and backstories were inspired by real people and situations. It’s up to the reader to decide how they personally connect with these characters and their journey.