Book Synopsis

Two women meet online and form the closest of friendships. Pip Harrington, a once joyful and independent woman struggles to overcome a debilitating anxiety disorder that threatens to destroy her life. Maggie Kearney, a shy introvert from South Africa chooses to seclude herself in her LA apartment after a paparazzi photo brings public ridicule upon her.

Although they have never met, these two strangers buoy each other through five years of turbulent times. Now as their worlds are destined to collide, Maggie struggles to conceal her true identity from the only friend she’s ever had. A surprise discovery leads Pip to question if she can find a haven of safety and hope without betraying her friend, or the man they both love. Immersed in secrecy and glamour, Shepherd Starseeker explores the enigmatic forces that guide our paths to cross and help us connect in a sea of uncertainty.